About Me

My name is Mark Doeswijk (@Qwerios) and I write software for a living. I’m a dutch developer currently employed at Marviq. This blog site is where I write about my current activities and host the files of my spare time projects.

I started out developing win32 applications using Visual C++ and MFC at a company called Wang Global. I learned a lot about coding, coding guidelines and patterns from a group of developers with years of experience. After about a 1.5 years I decided to look for work close to my hometown.

Thats when a joined a small startup company called Moniforce which is now a part of Oracle. The company was into user analytics and performance testing and needed a better reporting environment. The desire was to no longer need to install any software on the clients pc to access the reports so we looked to the web. In the next 6+ years I singlehandedly created an application framework in PHP releasing a new version of the application once a year. It featured a selfmade SVG chart engine with the ability to render to PNG’s with image maps as well. It also ported PDF reports, data browsing and later on we added a number of DHTML controls for a more intuitive browsing interface. This is where my foray into the world of javascript, AJAX and all things HTML really kicked off.

After my 6 years at Moniforce I wanted to widen my view and work on more then one project. This is how I ended up at my current employer Marviq. Marviq is a web application creation/integration/support specialist with a java based backed division. Over the past 2 years there I’ve begun working with technology such as OpenLaszlo and more importantly I’ve begun a more serious journey into the world of javascript. I’m now in the proces of fine-tuning the application template I’ve created for our javascript apps and we’re working on widgets; Self-contained easily deployable, cross-domain capable chunks of javascript, HTML and CSS bringing awesome to a website near you. We’re also working on mobile apps for various platforms.

There is so much happening in the web world right now and it’s never been more exciting to be a (javascript) developer. So here I am, riding the wave.

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